Motivational Mondays {1} – 6 Month Goals


welcome to the first post of motivational mondays! today I’m going to be talking about goals. goals are tricky, because if you don’t plan accordingly, or have too many of them, you end up failing! every time.

i decided to make it easier. i’m going to start with 4 six-month goals, then take those goals and make them into mini-goals that our easily attainable in monthly chunks! i know you’re excited about those goals! me too!

six-month goals – due feb 2

  1. be able to run a 5-K.
  2. find a workout routine i like and stick to it.
  3. be in the single digits in pant/dress size.
  4. drink 8 -8oz glasses of water daily.

that’s it. it’s simple. i’m trying to make this more exciting and easier. now, i’m going to break these goals down for the month of august.

4 fit goals in august –

  1. sign up for a 5k and start the Couch to 5K Plan – 3x/week
  2. try Yoga through The Light Bannner
  3. track workouts and food in My Fitness Pal (you should add me!)
  4. download an app that will remind me to drink water or make alarms on my phone.

that wasn’t too painful. did you notice the goals for august coincided with my monthly goals? september’s goals will build on that!

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, what are they? Where are you needing encouragement? Help? Join me on Wednesday for my first weigh-in since the re-launch, plus what I’ve been eating. Have a wonderful Monday!


About Ren Was Fit

Ren Was Fit

Ren Was Fit is more of a personal blog where I can document what I am doing to live out my fit lifestyle.

I could have used Ren Was Here, but I wanted a more personal approach. Anyone and everyone is welcome to read this, but I’m not going to be shouting from the rooftops that there’s a new post.

Ren Was Fit will have a lot of different features and weekly themes:

Motivational Mondays – I will share motivational quotes, goals for the week/month/etc., and a follow-up of the past week

Weight-Loss Wednesdays – This will be a hard and honest day, I will share my current weight (yes for real), current measurements, as well as pictures. This is to show my progress.

A link up with WIAW (What I Ate Wednesdays) – if you read food and fitness blogs, this is a popular link-up I thought I’d join to get into the fit/healthy blog community.

Fit Friday – I will share my weekly workout routines, anything related to fitness, favorite blogs, a new workout to try, fitness magazine reviews, and Bulu Box Weight Loss reviews. Maybe even some vlogs!

Food Friday – This is where I will share recipes and anything related to food.

You may not see all of these every week, but these will be the standards and the building blocks of this blog. You may be intrigued, you may not. This may be the last time you see this page. But, I need your help! I can’t do this on my own. I’ve finally learned that. I need accountability. This is where you come in. If you are going along the same journey share, email, and interact with me. I’d love to help you too! If you have a story to tell, I’d love to share it as well as glean from it. And lastly, if you just want to cheer me on or check on me, you are more than welcome to do that!

I sure hope you stick around, because I can’t do this with out you!

Ren Was Fit – Relaunch

I’m back and more determined then ever to get into shape. Things are coming back to life on Ren Was Fit. I’m still going strong over at Ren Was Here, but I needed a different “book” to write a different part of my story.

So, I tried before, but it didn’t work. I failed. That’s something I don’t like to do. Failing is not in my 5 year plan, but somehow I fail every time.

If you had asked me 5 years ago would I still be overweight? I would have said no. I would have said: I’ll be fit. But, I’m not. I’m gaining weight and my clothes are doing the reverse effect of baggy.

So, what can I do? Find a different bandwagon… Not the get-skinny-quick, the-everyone’s-doing-it-diet, nor the-eat-whatever-you-want-you’re-not-gaining-weight-denial-diet.

I’m using this blog as a place to document, vent, experiment, and share how I WILL GET FIT…

There’s no more try, there’s only do.

My mantra at the beginning of the summer was: “Learn to Love the Burn.”

I’m embracing that it’s me that has to change. It make take a while to get in stride of where I need to be, but it has to happen.

Living in a new place is going to be a bit harder, but, there are so many more ways to get fit, I know I won’t get bored! Are you ready for the adventure??

Join me tomorrow for more about this blog and where it’s headed! Please bear with me while I build this site.

Come here from Ren Was Here? Welcome!

Perfect Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

Found the best recipe known to man! Seriously! I crave Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups all the time! This beats it hands down. I searched the internet for the perfect Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake and I finally stumbled upon Muffin Topless with an amazing shake! 

I have changed the recipe to fit what I had in the cupboard as well as to share on ze blog.

Perfect Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

  • 1 Tablespoon of Chocolate PB2
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 cup of almond milk 
  • 5 ice cubes

Blend in blender! That’s it, it was almost too simple. And it tasted amazing and was surprisingly filling. This was great for me because I was low on calories! 

You should try it, it will change your life! Now, anytime craving a chocolate peanut butter cup, I’m gonna make this shake!

epic failing.

life hasn’t been easy these past couple of weeks. i had such a euphoric high from exercising and the possibility of exercising. i don’t want to blame my leg injury, but it has been a bit of a set back. i’m unable to run on it, i even tried the other day, and the next day i woke up with excruciating pain. let me tell you, this body is ready to get into gear, this brain is ready to get into gear, but this leg isn’t. i’ve been doing a bit of michael jackson on the wii (you know the dancing game). it’s a difficult game, and i can kick some serious butt on thriller (nbd), but the leg still acts up even with that. i hope it’s completely healed in a few weeks. what i really want to do is take a enough advil so i don’t feel the pain and press through, my weight is slowly crawling up for my inability to eat right and my lethargic body. i’m in a comatose that i refuse to be in any more!

they say to write out specific goals, and they are easier to attain. but, i feel if i put them on paper (or a blog) i will fail yet again, so maybe writing them on paper and posting them on a wall somewhere will make it easier. i shop decently enough, but i end up buying a lot of healthy junk food. i need to stick with more fruits and veggies. and i need to stick with a meal plan each week. and a workout plan, even if it’s hard, it’s suppose to be hard.

i found a bootcamp via women’s health. i’m gonna try it out, there’s running involved but they have alternatives so, i think in the words of hunger games, let the games begin!

ok, so i did make some goals. it’s not in list form but it still works. my goals while i’m still in lincoln are to  stick to meal and workout plans, and to eat more fruit and veggies. i promise to track my progress on my blog, the good and the bad.

DietBet Day #2 / Zumba Day #2

Weighed in: 176.5

I’m down 3 lbs. That may seem like a lot, but my weight flucuates so much. I’m just trying to get it into the 50s by September and 20s by Spring. I think it’s doable, but I need to keep moving.

Breakfast: Tropical Fruit Smoothie – Frozen Strawberries, Frozen Mango, Frozen Pineapple, Banana, Chia Seed, Rolled Oats, and Rice Milk.

I usually add almond milk, but I’m out, but had some Trader Joe’s rice milk. There was a taste difference, but not enough to complain. What’s your favorite milk alternative?

Lunch: Spicy Black Beans with Organic Tortilla Chips

Dinner: Homemade mini-pizzas w/ wheat thin bread, pasta sauce, shredded mozzarella, mushrooms, and pepporoni.

Today is the first day all week that I’ve eaten meat. I’ve been meal planning ahead of time and they’ve all been mostly vegan recipes. Today was a day I realized I need to keep a food journal. As painful as that sounds, I can’t keep binge eating or eating past the point of full. That’s why I am like I am!

Zumba was great, I sweat even more because it was a toning class. My arms are going to be sore in the mornin’.

I know my caloric intake was high today, so, I don’t plan on seeing a drastic weight drop like I did today. But, I have 26 days left to lose my 4%.

How’s your workouts today? This weeek? Next week I’m planning on tracking all my miles/minutes worked. So, I can see how many calories I’m burning. Any good apps/websites I should know about?


DietBet Day #1 / Zumba #1

Went to Zumba today. I was a first timer. My mom joined me for the journey, it was exciting!

I wasn’t sure how intense it would be, but it kicked rear into gear. This was exactly what I needed. My mom and I can’t wait to go back! It was fun “dancing” while working out. I can tell you one thing, my abs are going “I do exist, I do exist!”

Today was also Day 1 of Sara Fit’s DietBet. I told my mother about it and she said that was gambling. I should have said I’m gambling with my life every day, I don’t work to get fit and lose some weight.


I’m weighing in at: 179.5… What a gross and high number for me. It’s been awhile since I’ve been that big. Working as a waitress is how I lost a lot of weight. Having a desk job isn’t helping. But, that’s why I signed up for Sarah’s DietBet. I call it a kick start to losing weight! The basics are: 1) Put x amount of dollars into a pool. 2) Lose at least 4% of your weight, and then 3) Hopefully collect the money back plus part of the pool of people who didn’t lose the weight.

So, there, I found something I like better than some of the videos out on the inter-webs. I just have to make sure I have time to run/walk and Zumba my way to a better, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle!

Working Out…. It’s Hard

Ok, so, I’m great at walking. I could walk 5 miles easily.

I’m alright at running, if I had to, I could probably run for five minutes without stopping if the pace isn’t too fast.

Working out if it’s not cardio? It’s so hard. One of many “excuses” is It’s hard to look at the computer screen while I’m working out. I got through 1/3 of a blogilates beginner workout and halfway through a bexlife workout, and I did the plank challenge from SaraFit for about 10 seconds. I know it’s mind over matter, but how do I get over that hump. I know to push myself running I think about how close I am to pushing past that next barrier. I hate being overweight and uncomfortable. I hate working out and being uncomfortable. So, when it comes down to it, I hate being uncomfortable. How, do I push past it?

I just do, push past the light-headedness, push past the “I can’t do this”, push past the part of me who has already planned on failing.

I did do alright on my eating today, but, I still overate. It’s hard. Life is hard. Gah, but, I gotta keep pushing! What are some of the motivators that keep you going?

Welcome / 1st Post

Hi, I’m Lauren, Ren for short. You may be visiting from my other blog: Ren Was Here or you may just be browsing. Welcome, no matter how you happened upon my path.

I am a 25 year old fit wannabe. I’ve come to the point where living a life of leisure is slowly making my life not so lovely. I’m ready to take control and get back on track. I know very little about getting fit and eating healthy. Ok, I know a bit. But, this is my journey from unfit to fit, unhealthy to healthy, overweight to right on track! No more saying, but now it’s time for the doing! Yes, I will fail. I’m ok with that. It’s what I do with failing. I pick myself up and start all over again. It’s going to be hard. But with some prayer, faith, hard work, and encouragement, I think I can get this body a movin and a groovin. (I’m corny, fyi).

So, why blog about it? And why not just use my old blog? What a wonderful question you’ve asked. Because, I wanted to track my journey with food, fitness, and faith. My other blog is more just about my musings and personal life. This get’s down to the nitty gritty!

25 Things You Need to Know About Me:

  1. I love Jesus with my whole heart!
  2. I’m a lister. Meaning, I write lists. All the time, everywhere.
  3. I graduated college with a music degree.
  4. I want to be a full-time missionary.
  5. I love soccer. Never played it really. Don’t know all the rules. But, if I could play it as a pro, I would in a heart beat.
  6. I love all asian food, except for vietnamese. I’ve tried it at least 3 times and it makes me sick.
  7. I talk in the third person. A lot.
  8. Kambucha rocks!
  9. I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for quick stints.
  10. I also blog over at Ren Was Here.
  11. I have more sewing notions, patterns, books then clothes I’ve sewn (which is nil).
  12. Dr. Who Fanatic!
  13. I know almost every line to Remember the Titans, Walk to Remember, and Little Women
  14. If Ezra Fitz was a real person and lived in my town, we would so be dating! (Google Pretty Little Liars)
  15. I have a guitar that I take out maybe ten times a year.
  16. I love to read.
  17. I live in the midwest.
  18. Podcasts are awesome.
  19. I sponsor a child through Compassion.
  20. I can only wear nike tennis shoes (I wear other shoes, but working out wise those are it!)
  21. I love nike running shorts, target’s brand is a close second.
  22. Oreos and Cupcakes are their own food group.
  23. Team Conan all the way.
  24. I miss Michael Scott
  25. I want to make a difference in ending Human Trafficking!

Are you ready to start the adventure with me? I hope I’m ready! If not here I go!