Working Out…. It’s Hard

Ok, so, I’m great at walking. I could walk 5 miles easily.

I’m alright at running, if I had to, I could probably run for five minutes without stopping if the pace isn’t too fast.

Working out if it’s not cardio? It’s so hard. One of many “excuses” is It’s hard to look at the computer screen while I’m working out. I got through 1/3 of a blogilates beginner workout and halfway through a bexlife workout, and I did the plank challenge from SaraFit for about 10 seconds. I know it’s mind over matter, but how do I get over that hump. I know to push myself running I think about how close I am to pushing past that next barrier. I hate being overweight and uncomfortable. I hate working out and being uncomfortable. So, when it comes down to it, I hate being uncomfortable. How, do I push past it?

I just do, push past the light-headedness, push past the “I can’t do this”, push past the part of me who has already planned on failing.

I did do alright on my eating today, but, I still overate. It’s hard. Life is hard. Gah, but, I gotta keep pushing! What are some of the motivators that keep you going?


2 thoughts on “Working Out…. It’s Hard

  1. The motivation that keeps me going is not wanting to be unhealthy–I actually decided to lose my weight for good when I found out I was losing my eyesight to it. However, if you dislike being uncomfortable and THAT’s what’s killing your motivation, you have to replace the things that make you comfortable with better things that both make you comfortable AND are good for you.

    For instance, it’s really easy to get caught up in emotional or stress eating because it makes us feel better, even if we know logically that it will make us keep on the pounds. You have to become addicted to actions that make you have that same comfort feeling without them making you unhealthy. Take a look at this video, which explains our various needs (like comfort): It does a great job explaining our various needs, how we develop unhealthy habits that can sabotage us, and how to replace them with better ones.

    • Courtney! Thanks for visiting. I will check out these videos! I found that I like Zumba, a lot. It’s not so strenuous on my neck, which in turn made me light headed (I know that’s an excuse, but one of the many reasons why I lost hope).

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