Ren Was Fit – Relaunch

I’m back and more determined then ever to get into shape. Things are coming back to life on Ren Was Fit. I’m still going strong over at Ren Was Here, but I needed a different “book” to write a different part of my story.

So, I tried before, but it didn’t work. I failed. That’s something I don’t like to do. Failing is not in my 5 year plan, but somehow I fail every time.

If you had asked me 5 years ago would I still be overweight? I would have said no. I would have said: I’ll be fit. But, I’m not. I’m gaining weight and my clothes are doing the reverse effect of baggy.

So, what can I do? Find a different bandwagon… Not the get-skinny-quick, the-everyone’s-doing-it-diet, nor the-eat-whatever-you-want-you’re-not-gaining-weight-denial-diet.

I’m using this blog as a place to document, vent, experiment, and share how I WILL GET FIT…

There’s no more try, there’s only do.

My mantra at the beginning of the summer was: “Learn to Love the Burn.”

I’m embracing that it’s me that has to change. It make take a while to get in stride of where I need to be, but it has to happen.

Living in a new place is going to be a bit harder, but, there are so many more ways to get fit, I know I won’t get bored! Are you ready for the adventure??

Join me tomorrow for more about this blog and where it’s headed! Please bear with me while I build this site.

Come here from Ren Was Here? Welcome!


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