Motivational Mondays {1} – 6 Month Goals


welcome to the first post of motivational mondays! today I’m going to be talking about goals. goals are tricky, because if you don’t plan accordingly, or have too many of them, you end up failing! every time.

i decided to make it easier. i’m going to start with 4 six-month goals, then take those goals and make them into mini-goals that our easily attainable in monthly chunks! i know you’re excited about those goals! me too!

six-month goals – due feb 2

  1. be able to run a 5-K.
  2. find a workout routine i like and stick to it.
  3. be in the single digits in pant/dress size.
  4. drink 8 -8oz glasses of water daily.

that’s it. it’s simple. i’m trying to make this more exciting and easier. now, i’m going to break these goals down for the month of august.

4 fit goals in august –

  1. sign up for a 5k and start the Couch to 5K Plan – 3x/week
  2. try Yoga through The Light Bannner
  3. track workouts and food in My Fitness Pal (you should add me!)
  4. download an app that will remind me to drink water or make alarms on my phone.

that wasn’t too painful. did you notice the goals for august coincided with my monthly goals? september’s goals will build on that!

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, what are they? Where are you needing encouragement? Help? Join me on Wednesday for my first weigh-in since the re-launch, plus what I’ve been eating. Have a wonderful Monday!


epic failing.

life hasn’t been easy these past couple of weeks. i had such a euphoric high from exercising and the possibility of exercising. i don’t want to blame my leg injury, but it has been a bit of a set back. i’m unable to run on it, i even tried the other day, and the next day i woke up with excruciating pain. let me tell you, this body is ready to get into gear, this brain is ready to get into gear, but this leg isn’t. i’ve been doing a bit of michael jackson on the wii (you know the dancing game). it’s a difficult game, and i can kick some serious butt on thriller (nbd), but the leg still acts up even with that. i hope it’s completely healed in a few weeks. what i really want to do is take a enough advil so i don’t feel the pain and press through, my weight is slowly crawling up for my inability to eat right and my lethargic body. i’m in a comatose that i refuse to be in any more!

they say to write out specific goals, and they are easier to attain. but, i feel if i put them on paper (or a blog) i will fail yet again, so maybe writing them on paper and posting them on a wall somewhere will make it easier. i shop decently enough, but i end up buying a lot of healthy junk food. i need to stick with more fruits and veggies. and i need to stick with a meal plan each week. and a workout plan, even if it’s hard, it’s suppose to be hard.

i found a bootcamp via women’s health. i’m gonna try it out, there’s running involved but they have alternatives so, i think in the words of hunger games, let the games begin!

ok, so i did make some goals. it’s not in list form but it still works. my goals while i’m still in lincoln are to ┬ástick to meal and workout plans, and to eat more fruit and veggies. i promise to track my progress on my blog, the good and the bad.